The Basque country is greedy, so enjoy!
        Nobody can remain indifferent to the charm of this country .. The mountain that flows into the ocean but especially the women and men who did and who, by giving the best of themselves, that the Basque Country has become. You will be captivated by the colors, songs, traditions, hospitality and sharing how this emphasis on singing and pleasant to hear. The Basques are proud of their traditions and also their good food and the traditional dishes. They have kept the quality of regional products that made ​​this country a feast for the eyes but also for the mouth.
You can during your stay enjoy the Basque specialties, cheese, cold meats, wine and pastries it at any time of day to end up partying in bars and restaurants, singing, as all good here meal is finished singing so treat yourself, have fun and as they say here ... "ON ONGI" "Good Apetit"


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